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We Still Call Australia Home

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I have obtained these photos from Tourism and Events Queensland.

These are some of our unique, magnificent wildlife. It is so great to have this wildlife on our doorstep.

We have a residential block at Yungaburra and wallabies and kangaroos visit at the back to feed on fresh grass shoots. (I am privilege to live in this area.) How long will this continue? In my opinion the greatest threat to our flora and fauna is residential development. I realise people have to have somewhere to live, but.

I grew up near a railway line and for miles there was grass full of seed and I saw hundreds of Bullifinches (Chestnut Breasted Manikins). Now, the miles of grass with seed is all gone. Furthermore, with very efficient commercial mowers there are no overgrown blocks of land as was common in the old days. We are not imposing on the natural habitat; we are replacing it.

With residential development there seems to be little provision for our flora and fauna. They seem to be squeezed into an area, continually reducing in size. I wonder if, with new development approvals, there is a provision for native wildlife. We are now in the process of building mega cities – Tweed Heads to Nambour west to Toowoomba. Have we fully assessed the impact? Question: Is it feasible to progressively relocate government administration to regional centres?

We have to work hard on preserving our natural assets. With our various backgrounds and skills we all can make a contribution.

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