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The League of Legends

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As we celebrate Anzac Day we again say a sincere thank you to all who served in the defence of Australia to maintain our freedom.

In the trenches it didn’t matter what your heritage was, they were one and so this is a theme we strive for all Australians ‘We are one’. Anzac Day develops a sense of community and appreciation.

Growing up in Cairns in the 1950’s my experience of Anzac Day was marching with the Cubs and later the Scouts. My Dad marched with his comrades who fought in PNG and the Solomon Islands. I thought it unusual to see one group’s banner ‘Rats of Tobruk’. I have since come to understand that the derogatory name given by the German general, Rommel to those Aussies fighting in the Libyan desert has become a badge of honour.

The photo attached depicts the memorial at the Afghanistan Avenue of Honour at Yungaburra. Here is a brief description.

May their undaunted spirit soar with the angels forever. Your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

The major memorial features soaring wings above a central stone pillar encircled by twin bands of forged steel containing the words shown above.

The right wing is visibly curled and damaged - a reminder that despite the trials and challenges they faced, the spirit of the men and women who served remained committed to their country and resilient to their cause.

I ‘take my hat off’ to all who served. Many didn’t come home and many like my dad came home damaged.

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